A Message From the President

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to host a wonderful luncheon to support Larry Hogan’s campaign for Governor.  Please join us for fun and fellowship on Saturday, September 20th, in Gaithersburg.  Just click here for the flyer and on-line payment option.  Do not miss this great event!

As I complete my first few months as president of the MFRW, I’ve realized that the job entails equal parts cheerleader, event planner, and communications director. The heavy lifting in our mission to make Maryland a two-party state with honest, effective, and responsible government, however, lies with you. Individually, and as local club members, you all can make an enormous difference in moving toward that goal. Some of you, nevertheless, may ask “What can I do to help bring change as a member of the MFRW?” Here are my suggestions:

* Be a ‘high information voter.’ Get the news from a variety of sources. Attend club meetings and public forums. Read the Legislative Updates from Legislative Committee Chairmen Chris Ronk and Jeff Ferguson during the General Assembly session.

* Contact your elected representatives about issues that are important to you. Go to the Maryland General Assembly website for a wealth of information. The same with Congress and the Senate. If you can’t send an e-mail because of district restrictions, call and/or write a letter – they’ll listen! Not a computer user? Have friends help you use theirs.

* Attend MFRW events. I may head up the MFRW, but I always learn from more knowledgeable and experienced women. Let yourself be inspired. Support MFRW fundraisers; money is like fertilizer – it  helps good things grow. Work in a political campaign; help central committee efforts to get out the vote; talk with your friends and family about what they want life in Maryland and America to be like. And, if you’re ready, consider running for office yourself. Over 75 full and associate MFRW members are doing just that in 2014. The best of luck to them all!   Carol

Event: Hogan-Rutherford Luncheon (9/20/14)

Please join the Maryland Federation of Republican Women for a luncheon with Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford to benefit their Gubernatorial Campaign. * Special guest – Radio Talk Show Host Tom Marr * * Music by Gail Thies of Charm City … [Continue reading]